About Us

We are happy to meet you!

Our Story.

Boomy is one of Morocco's pioneers in surfing. He began riding waves during the early 80's and never stopped! He then opened his Surfcamp in Mehdia Beach to share his passion with other enthusiasts.

Our Mission.

Our main goal is to put a big smile on your face! It is all about fun here. We believe that the best way of teaching is through having fun, no classrooms here! ;)

Our Values.

Our office is the Atlantic Ocean, and we like to keep our office clean. Environmental protection is a big deal for us and we regularly organize beach cleanups.
We believe in unconventional thinking and want to surprise you positively on a daily basis!

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Big Boss & Founder


Boomy is one of the first surfers in Morocco. He began this sport in the early 80's and haven't stopped since!

He will make sure your trip is a memorable one.

  • Surfing
  • Fun
  • Launching Rockets
  • Teleportation
  • Craziness Level
Boomy's Boy & Surf Instructor

Ayoub Akka

Ayoub grew up surfing in El Palmar (Spain). He will be your surf instructor here and your Gitanos culture teacher as well! (He is singing all the time!)

On the menu: Surf lessons, flamenco and laughs!

  • Gitanos
  • Flamenco
  • Surfing
  • Dancing
  • Rocket Science